Sumit Deshpande

Head of Strategy & Solutions @ CRMNEXT

Sumit Deshpande is the Head of Strategy and Solutions at an international software company, and the founder of The Dyfference, a movement that encourages, equips, and energizes people from every generation to flourish in their gifting and anointing.

Over the years, Sumit has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies across global and cultural contexts to develop, innovate, and market a variety of technology solutions that customers can’t live without. He is also a thought leader in digital transformation and customer experience. Sumit has been involved in serving local churches in several nations in the areas of worship, youth ministry, teaching, the prophetic, pastoral care, missions, and community service. Its this rare blend of experiences that enables Sumit to bring a unique perspective while coaching leaders who want to grow beyond their current capacity and make an impact where God has planted them – regardless of their profession or vocation. He is a certified leadership coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team and is often called upon for business and spiritual advice.

Sumit has authored the award-winning children’s book “The Ballad of the Traveler”, as well as “Higher Road” and “Deeper Waters”, which are short meditations on integrity, spiritual growth, and relationships. Sumit has also produced original music under the band name The Dyfference that is available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonMusic, Google Play, Spotify, and other digital stores.

Sumit has been a city boy most of his life, having lived in Mumbai, Hong Kong, and New York, but now resides in semi-rural North Carolina with his wife and three children. They all have a passion to see individuals, families, workplaces, and nations transformed by the message of the Gospel and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.