Scott Winters

Actor @ Hollywood Actor

Scott Winters is an American actor. Scott is from New York and graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Economics. He has appeared in close to 100 episodes of television programs (OZ, NYPD Blue, 24 and others), two Oscar nominated films,including Good Will Hunting, and comes from a NYC theatrical background. In addition he has written and directed screenplays and documentaries of his own including ‘A Pearl of Great Price’, documenting his experience as an EMT in Port Au Prince Haiti following the Quake, and ‘Starwater’, a star-studded experimental film shot while doing the HBO series “OZ”. Scott is married to Brooklyn born and raised Jennifer Logan Winters, with whom he has 2 daughters, Grace Tuar-Ceatha & Faith Esther. He is brother to actor Dean Winters and Writer/Producer Brad Winters. His sister Blair is married to Writer/Producer Jorge Zamacona. He is developing two scripts at present. He enjoys family time, writing, surfing, and reading the Bible.