Laura Stavlas

President + Lead Copywriter @ Mellonaid

Laura Stavlas is a public speaker, worship leader, songwriter and business owner, whose testimony of bringing the kingdom into the workplace has been 20 years in the making. Eleven years ago, Laura and her husband, Mihali, started a digital marketing and creative agency, Mellonaid, where Laura’s role as President and Lead Copywriter has been recognized with numerous awards in the advertising and marketing industry. Prior to her writing career, Laura taught English at both private and public high schools, where she was nominated Teacher of the Year, published several course curriculums for Wake County Magnet Schools, and spent summers teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Visiting Lecturer in their Master’s in Teaching Program. 

Laura’s journey is filled with stories of how God has been breaking mindsets to explode miracles into everyday life, anytime and anywhere. She has led numerous ministries and small groups, including one for business leaders called EPIC, “Entrepreneurial People in Christ,” which equips business leaders to partner with God and bring the kingdom into the workplace. Laura also enjoys teaching her two children and songwriting. You can find her single “Rain Down” on iTunes and featured in the upcoming film, Amazon Arising: Joy in the Jungle.