Deanna Falchook

CEO @ Adoptagenix

Deanna Falchook is a public speaker, author, business coach, former Disney Princess and entrepreneur. Deanna’s insight and articles have been featured in Charisma, The Federalist, Faithwire and 700 Club. Her pro-life prophetic princess testimony of redemption in Christ has been featured on Glenn Beck, Breitbart, LiveAction, EWTN and the Blaze. 

Deanna is a mom of 8 (2 by birth, one son-in-law, 3 adopted siblings from Ethiopia, one daughter adopted from Guatemala and a son adopted from Ukraine).  In 2013, Deanna started a business in Network Marketing with a unique (niche) team called Adoptagenix that focuses on nutrition, gut-health and intermittent fasting. This business took Deanna’s family from Medicaid to Millionaire. As the business and team was growing Deanna received a word from the Lord that told her she is building “100 Orphan Loving Millionaires”. Her Adoptagenix team brings in approx. 17 million in sales for the company annually and she has helped approximately 20,000 families (involved in Adoption, orphan care, missionaries) to earn residual income to care for their families while giving back. This happens via a simple model of setting up online accounts for people who are looking to order their vitamins and supplements online through this team so they can support families created via adoption. She continues to build her team and is looking for customers and business builders who believe that God is calling His people to respect the temple that He has given them. 

Deanna is also a Christian business consultant and marketplace minister that helps transform businesses into environments that increase sales, create unity within sales teams and garners renewed respect for leadership. She works with individuals and companies looking to find favor and breakthrough in decreasing and unidentified decline in sales/profits.  Most organizations she works with are led and founded by Christian leaders looking to build a company wide strategy that honors God, incorporates prayer/biblical strategies and gives back to the community.

Deanna is an ex Disney Princess lives in Orlando, Florida next to DisneyWorld with her husband Mark and 5 children still living at home.