Eleanor Reid

Managing Director @ Reid & Company, LLC

Eleanor Reid is currently the President of Reid & Company, LLC, a management consulting firm that specializes in strategy and branding. She is a highly skilled strategist who has helped to develop and implement business strategies as well as ensure the ongoing health and operations of organizations. For more than 20 years her work has focused on new ventures and corporate development through which she helped start new companies and establish national partnerships. She was the head of strategy for a lighting start up and helped to lead a nationwide, transit-oriented real estate development initiative including the negotiation of public-private partnerships and the evaluation of multi-parcel, real estate deals. She has successfully helped many companies lay the strategic foundation for their ongoing business success and raised more than $28 million for a non-profit from several sources over four years. In addition, Eleanor has advised senior executives across several industries on a variety of issues and has brought success to their projects including those focused on process improvement, pricing, market segmentation, new venture development and contingency planning.